I weathered it all

the hail

the rain

the wind

the heat

the cold

the snow

the ice

the buzzing of the wasps making nests in my head

the creatures finding shelter beneath my weary bones

the heavy objects thrown in me that burden my soul

the tugging on my frame when I am tired and listing to the right

the chain heavy around my wrist as I feel my foundation weaken


I weathered it all


the woman standing beside me

the camera hanging around her neck

the photos taken of my hard earned lines and

the texture of my cracked skin

the unsteadiness of my weakened legs

the bristle of my bare scalp


I weathered it all


she touches me lightly

she guides me in standing upright

she puts a hat on my bare scalp

she gathers up and removes the heaviness that has filled my soul

she stands quietly alone in my center

she smiles and I feel her love

she touches me so tenderly that I almost forget that

I weathered it all


Linda L Brobeck  – 2015

Photo Credit/Linda L. Brobeck









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